Stunt Car Racer

Title		Stunt Car Racer
Game Type	Driving
Players		1 or 2 via Serial

Stunt Car Racer is old. And it shows, especially in this age of
millions of texture mapped polygons being hurled around a real-time
rendered track.
Unlike many more recent games of this genre, however, Stunt Car Racer
is *still* remarkably playable.

The objective of this game is to race hell-for-leather around a race
track, and complete the course faster than your opponent. Points can
be scored for winning and achieving the best lap time. No points for
running spectators over (there are none) or shooting your opponent to
bits (hey! This game is supposed to be realistic :P)

 If you haven't got any friends, then your only choices are to
practise driving around the courses (a *very* good idea...), or join
in the leagues against loads of computer drivers, some of whom are
quite good. And nasty ;) This is pretty good fun for a while, until
you get to one of the really tricky levels. There's *still* one track
that I can't do ;(

If you have a friend, and each of you has a similar Amiga (e.g. both
A1200's) then this game really shines. Link the two computers with a
null-modem cable (only cost a couple of quid, or you can DIY), and
race head-to-head (bumper-to-bumper?) against each other around
insane, twisting, bumpy, scary stunt tracks.

There are no rules - no black flag for unfair driving, and no warnings
of impending dangers ;)
All you do is drive around the course, possibly slowing a little for
the corners (otherwise you'll fall off the edge) and turbo-boosting up
the hills. Hills? Yup! The courses are most definitely designed with
all three dimensions planned for, although those with a weak
heart/stomach may not appreciate it!. Seeing the ground fall away
beneath you, and then accelerate towards you is truly horrifying ;)

As you may expect, treating your car (???) in this manner won't do it
much good. Each time you crash, either zooming off the edge, or taking
a dive from a great height, or jumping a gap incorrectly, and hitting
the opposite wall, a crack appears above the windscreen to the left,
and spreads to the right. When this reaches the right hand side of
the screen, your vehicle is a wreck, and the race is over! Be careful!


If you have two Amigas, and someone else to lose friendships with,
then this game is a fantastic idea, especially since it can be picked
up for about a fiver! Splendid!

Motto's of this game : 1) Don't judge a book by it's cover.
                       2) Shunt your opponent off ASAP ;)

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