Strip Poker 3

Title           Strip Poker 3
Game Type	Miscellaneous
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Publisher	Artworx
HD Installable  Yes
Submission	Chris Vella

   This game is a poker game where you play for clothes instead of money.
I'm assuming you all know how to play poker, so I won't go into that. 1
human can play against up to 3 computers opponents at the same time. The
game comes with 2 girls as computer opponents but there are 6 other data
disks with different girls and even a guy. Once you select your opponents
the game begins. You start off with $100 and once you lose this you must
sell a piece of your clothing for another $100. Each girl has 4 articles
of clothing and once you win them all and she is totally naked and you win
the game.

   The graphics are decent and in HAM mode, and the sound is also good
with digitized speech. Each computer opponent plays differently with some
bluffing more than others and some playing more conservatively than
others. The poker game itself plays well but it's the novelty of
having naked girls that makes you want to play.

   In conclusion, The game plays a solid poker game. Even though the
graphics are in HAM mode they still aren't that clear. I'm used to AGA
graphics so these graphics look like crap to me, but are good for ECS
machines. I can't recommend buying this game because there are good
versions of poker in the Public Domain and if you want to see naked girls,
the internet has enough of that. If you must have a strip poker game then
get this, its much better than all the other commercial ones that I have

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