Title           Strider
Game type       General Action
Publisher       Capcom/Tiertex, 1989
Players         1
Compatability   OCS (All With WHDLoad Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Submission      Pretentious Nickname Profiled Reviewer

Another coin-op conversion for the Amiga. And, incidentally, one of my

Strider is a side-scrolling action game that will take you to several
different locales, from Kazakhstan, to the Siberian mines, a flying
battleship, the Amazon, and even the moon!

You control your proxy, Strider Hiryu, through each of these levels, armed
only with your sword and the ability to climb, slide, amd jump. A few
powerups are available, such as a two-legged robot sidekick, a longer
sword, and health capsules. You won't really NEED any of them, though, as
I found the game to be quite easily beaten (both times around).

Graphically, the game is well presented. The backgrounds are well drawn,
the sprites are quite detailed (especially the bosses), and overall, the
game looks good. My only complaint, albeit a minor one, is that the
graphics are a great deal smaller compared to the arcade or Sega Genesis

The sound is alright, although I was NOT impressed with the music. Strider
has only ONE tune that's played over and over throughout the entire game,
in stark contrast to the BGM scores of the arcade and Genesis releases.

As for the gameplay, Strider is decent. The controls are rather tight, and
I found it easy to maneuver Hiryu to where I wanted him to be. Jumping
(or, perhaps more appropriately, LANDING) can be a bit of a pain at first,
but after a bit of practice, it'll become second nature.

Of course, in order to make the transition to the Amiga, some elements of
the original had to be removed, such as the swinging vines in the Amazon
stage, the launch catapults on the Ballog flying battleship, and the
reverse gravity sections where you walk on the ceiling. I was impressed,
however, that the scene where you are "orbiting" the battleship's reactor
(repeated in the last level as well) made a successful transition to the

On its own, the Amiga version of Strider is a good game. It made the
transition from arcade to Amiga relatively intact, and can stand up to most
Amiga action games on it's own terms. (However, it's nowhere near as good
as the arcade or Sega Genesis versions...)

    I'd give it a 7 out of 10!

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