Storm Master

Title		Storm Master
Game Type	Action Strategy
Company		Silmarils, 1992
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS/ECS (All With Patch)
HD Installable	With WHDLoad Patch
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Storm Master is one of those games that has intrigued me from afar, like
Debut or Gravity for example. What I mean by that is that while I haven't
been completely familiar with these games, they seem so strange and
different from the average offering, that they've held a slightly magical
appeal for me.

Logically enough then, I eventually tracked down a copy of Storm Master,
bought it, and attempted to find out exactly what it was all about.

Well, the manual is fairly straightforward, although it contains its share
of translation errors, but that just adds some amusement to the reading
process. Okay then, you are the new boss of Eolia, which has been at war
for centuries with another island, Sharkaania. You have a Cabinet of
experts which include, the Advisor, the Master Miller, the
Ecclesiast, the High Constable, the Joker, the Gangster of Love (sorry,
that one was a joke!) the Inquisitor, the Leonaardo, and finally the

Oh yes, and the winds, which sweep across the land, are the masters of
natural harmony, apparently.

Right, first stop for me then is the WHDLoad website to get the patch that
will enable the game to run from hard disk and work on an AGA Amiga.

Okay, that was easy, now let's take a look at the game. Nice little intro
animation, some of the samples are a touch on the raw side. Right, I'll go
for the first scenario, and keep the 3D combat sequences on (obviously!).
Hmmmm..... hang on a minute this is confusing.

Well, I had some fun with the aircraft design screens, although none of my
attempts managed to pass their trial flight, but generally it was
difficult to decide what I was supposed to do. Time for a more careful
look at the instruction manual, methinks.

Second attempt.... Hey, I got an aircraft to pass its flight trial, cool!
Yikes, I don't seem to be able to mass produce them though, there's always
one or more components that I don't seem to have. My money is also
extremely low now... I'll try the tax screen..... Ah, the citizens have
risen against me and I've been assassinated. Well, looking at things
positively, I think I made some progress at least. Clearly, I need to do
better however....

Next attempt, right I've just made a deal in the market place that was
extremely lucrative; it was a once only offer, I took it, and it paid off.
I now have enough cash to build a few airships and take the war to those
troublesome Sharkaanians.

Hmmmm... the combat sequences are entertaining enough, although I know
some of the more serious strategy players will turn them off. I can manage
to give a pretty good account of myself, but it doesn't have the
involvement of the action sequences in, for example, Steel Empire, so its
not a huge magnet even for action fans.

Well, I persevered some more with the game, and on each occasion made a
little extra progress. I can see though, that some people, while not
necessarily averse to this type of game, are going to find it a bit too
much like hard work progressing to the point where you constitute a
credible threat to the Sharkaanians.

Storm Master is actually quite an interesting beast. The only real problem
is that its actually quite a challenge to get to grips with how you go
about completing your objective of defeating your neighbours. I found that
the rewards for my patience while present were not so great as to keep me
diligently plugging away, and there are still areas of the gane that are a
mystery to me, but which I haven't quite mustered the enthusiasm to delve

Overall I like Storm Master, its an interesting game with very much its
own identity and style, and this softens my heart against its slightly
unwelcoming learning curve.

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