Steel Empire (aka Cyber Empires) (Second Review)

Title		Steel Empire (aka Cyber Empires) (Second Review)
Game Type	Action Strategy
Players		1-4
Compatibility	All (not fast ram)
HD Installable	No
Submission	Sam Manwaring

 Steel Empire is also known as Cyber Empires. I think it is a good game
and find it enjoyable. I like it because its got two types of games in
it, its got a fighting part and a part where you build cyborgs and make
your decisions.

The game is all about winning the world by destroying your opponent`s
cyborgs with yours. You build your cyborgs with your factories, which you
can enhance to make them build more cyborgs at a faster rate. When you
start the game you will get a choice of three different settings. The first
one is the full game, action and strategy, the second one does not include
the action part but otherwise is the full game, and the third setting is
battle practice. Battle practice offers you two choices of play, in the
first one you can defend with a choice from 9 cyborgs and the in second
one you choose how much money you have and then buy the cyborgs you want
to fight with.

When you start a game not only can you choose to include computer players,
but you can choose how clever they are. You can also choose to have "fog of
war" on or off. Having it on means you can only see who controls countries
that are adjacent to your own. You cannot see their contents or tell
anything about countries that you don't share a border with. You can
however pay for intelligence on these countries which will reveal valuable
information, at a cost.

So in the Strategy part of the game you start with a flag, but you cannot
choose where you start from. you also start with 1,200,000 credits which
you can spend on a factory and start building atleast one cyborg. The next
go you can move your cyborg to another country, and the go after that you
can establish a capital in that country so it starts bringing in cash.

When everybody has made their moves etc in the Strategy phase, the game
checks to see if any opposing forces are occupying the same country, if
they are you enter the Action phase of the game. This is where you pick up
your joystick and start shooting, but it`s a lot more than that, for
instance there are 3 different levels of fortification, various orders you
can pass to your cyborgs, which themselves come in different shapes and
sizes, adding further to the game`s depth and tactical possibilities, but
it's all very accessible. There is something wrong with the Action part of
the game though, in some situations you can not retreat which is rather

I think the game would be better if you were able to build a few more
cyborgs and the world was a bit bigger. I give this game 84% at the least.

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