Starglider 2

Title		Starglider 2
Game Type	3D Combat
Company		Rainbird
Players		1
HD Installable  WHDLoad Patch available
Compatibility	All (with Patch)
Submission	Harold Herndon

When I got Starglider 2, I figured if it had even half the gameplay of
Starglider 1 it would be worth the $34.95 I paid for it. I first noticed
the good graphics. I really got the sense of flying over a planet's
surface, in space and in huge tunnels inside the planets. There are plenty
of things to shoot at in Starglider 2. In space you can get swarmed over
by pirates. This is where most of the fun is. After you dispatch your foe
you can use a tractor beam to collect the cargo he was carrying. You can
then trade this cargo for weapons. On the planets surface there is a wide
variety of foes to destroy. There is everything from tanks to fighters to
blow up. Inside the planet are other enemies and beam emitters to destroy.
Starglider is not just a shoot em' up space sim. It has adventure elements
as well.

There are quite a few quests in the game that will provide you with new
weapons and goodies when you complete them. Most of the quests involve
catching something with your tractor beam and trading it for weapons. One
quest required you to capture a space whale to trade for a ship
enhancement. The animation and sound for the whale was good. That is
another area where this game shines. All of the numerous foes had a
lifelike quality to the polygon animation. Though they were simple, they
moved like they were alive. The space flight in the game is well
simulated. You fly between planets using a hyperdrive. Each planet you
travel to has it's own Atmosphere. One planet, Dante, is like a hell. It
is littered with volcanoes that spew lava that can kill your ship. The
planets have an underground tunnel system with little rooms where you pick
up extra missiles and ammo. The tunnels are also where you'll find most of
the quests.

There is lots to see and do in Starglider 2. It is a worthy
addition to any Amiga collection. Once you start you won't be able to stop
until you finish the game.

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