Title		Stardust
Publisher       Bloodhouse
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  No
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is the best looking asteroid clone that you will ever see, only
recently surpassed by Super Stardust. It's basically just a souped up version
of asteroids but with power ups and an amazing 3D tunnel section. Each
level is broken down into sections which have their own difficulty level. You
should start on the easier ones first so that you can power up your weapons to
use on the more difficult ones. Besides shooting at asteroids you are also
attacked by various creatures and enemy ships. Kill the  end of level guardian
and you enter the amazing 3D tunnel sequence. In this section objects fly at
you and you must shoot or avoid them while trying to collect bonuses that are
mixed in with the enemies.

   There are a nice variety of options to suit your own needs of play. The
game can be controlled by either joystick or keyboard. Either music or sound
effects can also be selected. Switching between weapons is very simple and is
just a case of pressing the spacebar. The graphics and sound in the game are
superb. The graphics are ray traced and really add to the enjoyment of the
game. Sure, it would still be a good game if the graphics were basic, but
shooting at asteroids that really look like asteroids makes the game that much
more special.

   In conclusion, Stardust is a very good game. It has all the playability of
asteroids but looks and sounds a thousand times better. I always liked games
where you have total control of how well you play, when you die it's your own
fault, you can't blame the game in any way. Collision detection is perfect, as
is the difficulty level. If you are a fan of shoot'em ups like I am, then you
will love this game. It brings asteroids to a new and better level.

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