Star Wars

Title		Star Wars
Game Type	3D Action
Company		Vektor Grafix; published by Domark
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA

The original Star Wars arcade machine was a classic of its time - one of
the first games to offer 3D graphics, although they were only vector
graphics, not even polygons.

I've never played the original arcade game, but the Amiga conversion is
an excellent one. The frantic action of blasting TIE fighters as they
flit by, shooting the fireballs they shoot at you to save that one last
remaining shield; the relatively calm, but still tense, pass over the
Death Star surface as you try to get that last laser tower for a 50000
point bonus; and finally, the ducking, weaving, bobbing hell of the
Death Star trench, as laser turrets cast fireballs at you as you duck
and weave around the catwalks. Finally there is that tense moment as
the exhaust port comes towards you at the end of the trench, and you
have only one shot to get it - otherwise you lose a shield and have to
negotiate the trench all over again...

After playing the three levels, you repeat them (again and again) at
a slightly harder difficulty level.

There is no doubt the game has its faults. While each of the three levels
are absorbing, and as the game progresses more difficult elements are
added, there are only three levels, so there isn't much variety in game
play. The graphics were dazzling for their time, and really pull you
into the game, but are very primitive by today's standards.

But who cares? They do the job well enough to have *me* ducking in my
seat, something that very few games manage. The gameplay may not last
long for any one sitting, but will have you coming back to it years later.
The great sound effects, many sampled from the movies, add atmosphere that
very few modern games could match.

Play it for what it is, and you'll find a fun blast with great
atmosphere and decent long-term lastability. Nine out of ten.

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