Star Flight

Title           Star Flight
Game Type       Action Strategy
Players         1
HD Installable  ?
Compatibility   ?

This game comes with a few goodies including a dual cardboard disk for
copy protection, and a Starmap. What you have to do is explore planets,
using a spaceship, and custom designed crew. You can also communicate with
Alien Civilizations. There are several races including Androids. Each
race has special abilities, so you can have a mixed crew, each doing the job
they're best at. The jobs are Captain, Science Officer, Navigator,
Engineer, Communications Officer, and Doctor. Abilities range through
Poor, Average, Good, and Excellent for each type of work, plus the special
durability, and learning rate abilities - if one crew member is injured,
another can take over his job but might not be as good at it, so bear this
in mind when making your selection. Their abilities improve with

The game has a few interesting graphics. At the start you begin at one of
those ring type spacestations with four exits, and a man in a spacesuit who
you can get to walk to any one of the doors. One door is where you select
the crew, where you see a picture representing the current race type, plus
some statistics. Another door is where you select what to put on your
spaceship. When you get to the planet you get a 3D rotating view, with
different coloured squares representing mineral types. You can then land
your Terrain Vehicle and survey the planet from a surface view, basically
being able to drive anywhere.  You can discover Alien Artifacts,
enhancements for your ships, and new lifeforms amongst other things.

The game is a bit like Elite, you start of with a little money to buy a
ship, crew, cargo space etc... then go to Planets, land in a Terrain
Vehicle, find minerals, bring them back to your home system, get money,
buy ship improvements (cargo pods, engines, shielding, armour, missiles,
and lasers) and fuel. Don't run out of fuel, money, get killed in combat,
land on high G/stormy planets or damage your Engines/Communications. I
never really got into this game, as I found the game interface a bit
cumbersome, and the tasks mundane.

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