StreetFighter II

Title		StreetFighter II
Game Type	Beat-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	Amiga 500, HD version exists

Those who are old enough to remember old arcade game halls with the
streetfigher I machine which had the special rubber knobs instead of the
fire buttons have been disappointed by the amiga conversion of the game.
Not so with Streetfighter II which is a close 1:1 conversion from the
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The SNES version had an extra
joystick with 5 firebuttons. But how does this game play on the amiga?
Astonishingly well, I`d say.
	Before you are allowed to fight you need to find the options
screen, where you set the usual options like one or two player mode, 8
different difficulty levels and 8 different fighters to select from and
you can burden yourself with a time limit. On the contrary to other
fighting/karate games your opponents are not faceless and rather easy, but
each of them is a unique figher with his own style and story. Blanka, for
example, the beast from the Jungle, half human, half green animal likes
attacking his opponents with electic charges or likes just simply rolling
over them. Every character has their set of special moves where
effectivness is much higher than with normal punches and kicks. In fact
there are 12 fighers, 8 you can select from and another 4 only reserved
for the computer.
	Each fight consists of a maximum of 3 rounds where you need to win
2 to be able to proceed. If you do not happen to win once you can still
use one of the 3 continues the game has in store for you. After 4 fights
you enter a bonus round where you have to destroy a car or a brickwall
withing 60 seconds. Towards the end you are allowed to fight the 4
fighters only reserved to the computer.
	The identical 2 player mode has the advantage that you can select
one of the 12 areans to fight in. Despite the complex actions you can take
(8 standard-moves, plus different special moves like "telescopic arm" or
"energy-torpedo") you master the moves rather quickly with a bit of
	The fine tuning of the difficulty levels plus everyone having the
same amount of sneaky moves and special moves, and the time and
energy bonuses are a major factor in the gameplay. One big disadvantage is
the "changing of the disk" syndrome which can make you go nuts sometimes.
Also you can not save the Highscore (which only has 5 entries anyway).
	The graphics are nice because the background and the figures are
colourful and well animated. The game's sound is full of special effects,
nice background tunes and sometimes even some speech can be heard.

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