Saint Dragon

Title		Saint Dragon
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	Amiga 500

Now this is a semi-classic by the Authors of Ninja Warriors and the cult shoot`em
up Silkworm. St.Dragon roughly compares to R-Type and its playablitly is superb.

	You control a dragon through 5 levels of finest paralax-scrolling
and give your well designed enemies a bad time. On the voyage you meet
such weird creatures as amoured tigers, mechanical cobras, cyborg bulls and
the like. As to be expected you meet a final bad baddie at the end of each level.
Of course you can powerup your firepower by collecting pills on the way and
you do not lose your firepower again once you die. Even after using a continue
credit you are allowed to continue where you died and still keep your firepower.
One neat thing though is, that only your head is vulnerable, you can protect
yourself with your tail (a feature you must use in later levels to survive). Like
in Silkworm, the game loads the next stage while you are playing so no need to run
into the kitchen quick to get a new bottle of Coca Cola while the next level is
	This game is a must-have for any shoot`em up freak, since the graphics and
the sound are top class and the difficulty steadily rises.

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