Space Harrier II

Title           Space Harrier II
Publisher       Sega/Grand Slam Entertainments
Game Type       General Action
Players         1
Compatibility   All (With Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Submission      Pretentious Nickname Profiled Reviewer

 The original Space Harrier (qv) is probably my favourite game EVER. I
enjoyed playing the Amiga version, but despite being a rabid fan, I found a
few minor faults with the Amiga release (see my review of the original for

 Well, all those faults were fixed when Grand Slam ported the sequel over
to the Amiga. Our character will now "trip" over smaller enemies, levels
that were meant to have a ceiling actually HAVE a ceiling, and the graphics
are a lot crisper. On the whole, the Amiga port is on par with the Sega
Genesis release, with one notable exception: in the Amiga release, you can
play the game with either music or sound effects, but not BOTH!!

 Anyhow, onto the game. Fantasy Zone has again fallen into crisis, and
it's up to you (as Space Harrier) to again wrest the Fantasy Zone from the
clutches of the nefarious Evil Dragons, and so on. The game is played from
a third person, rear view perspective, meaning you watch your character from
behind as he travels INTO the screen, shooting anything in his way.

 The graphics in Space Harrier II are well-detailed and crisp (although
the checkerboard backgrounds still induce seizures), and the sprites are
drawn well.

 Musically, the game is allright, and the sound effects are passable,
although I'd STILL like to play the game using both simultaneously...

 The controls are spot-on, much like in the original, and it's easy to
maneuver your character to where you want him.

 Overall, I'd happily recommend Space Harrier II to anyone, particularily
those of you who enjoyed the original.

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