The Shadow of the Third Moon

Title           The Shadow of the Third Moon
Game Type       Flight Sim
Company         Titan
Players         1
Compatibility   AGA + CD + 6Meg Ram
Submission	M.P.Garratt

You are a member of a defence force who is trying to stop the attack of
alien crafts by taking them on in your fighter plane/craft.  This game
has quite breathtaking graphics that run amazingly quickly on just an
030 processor. Using the mouse to control your craft you can swoop down
tight canyons or pop up from behind a hill and take out your target before
he's fired a shot. Game play starts off easy and then gets gradually
harder in a nice learning curve.  There are two types of craft and you can
call in your wingman for backup. There are land targets and enemy crafts.
One of the most enjoyable parts of this game is the dogfighting. You can
really get into it, speeding up and slowing down, twisting this way and
that, trying to get the enemy in your sights until you see the dark smoke
billowing out of the enemy as he plummets to the ground.  The whole game
is very configuable allowing you to opptimize it for your setup.  The
sound and music is great, particularly if you plug it into your stereo and
turn the volume up.  Overall this is a challenging game with beautiful
graphics, quality sound and a great deal of gameplay; a great break from
the normal flight sim where you painstakingly go from one location to
the next with little happening inbetween.


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