Soccer kid

Title           Soccer kid
Game Type       Platform
Publisher       Krisalis
Players         1
Compatibility   A500/plus A600/HD A1200/HD & A2000
HD Installable  No
Submission      Peter Wesson

The plot? Well the World Cup has been stolen by alien pirates (trust me!)
just before the 1994 world cup final and worse still the cup didn't make
it to outer space but hit an asteroid and was smashed into five separate
pieces which have been scattered to the far corners of the earth: England,
Italy, Russia, Japan and the USA

Well, the world cup can't be played without a trophy but fortunately a
soccer mad kid has set out to collect the pieces...

You control soccer kid and even get to select the strip that he wears.
Soccer kid disposes of angry construction workers, low lying gulls,
ghosts, opera singers, gymnasts, sumo wrestlers and many others by
unleashing his football in their direction and he has a variety of trick
shots and moves that you'll need to employ along the way to get all eleven
cards, which are not always easy to find. The cards? Yes you need all the
cards to enable you to play for a piece of the trophy at the end of each

The game plays well provided you have more than one floppy drive otherwise
it's a disk swapping nightmare which will prove too frustrating for words.
The game supports up to 3 external drives. It's a shame that the game
wasn't made hard disk installable as it would have been that much more of
a pleasure to play.

It is great fun although I'd have to accept that there's only so many
variations on a platform theme but most of them are here - power ups for
extra time, stamina, energy, temporary invisibility, extra lives and
"speedy boots".

With the mix of actions to perform and shots to perfect all against the
clock and some unfriendly characters it is a game that can be enjoyed by a
7 or a 37 year old. There's an option to save the game at the end of each
Level - use it!

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