Slam Tilt

Title           Slam Tilt
Publisher       21st Century Entertainment (1996)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-8
HD Installable  Yes
Compatability   AGA only
Demo            aminet: game/demo/slamdemo.lha
Game data/utils Join highscore tables - aminet: game/patch/JoinSlamtilt.lha
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

Pinball Dreams revolutionised computer pinball and Fantasies and Illusions
added to an excellent track record for 21st Century. Then they released
Pinball Mania (by a different programming team) and completely lost face.
When they announced Slam Tilt, also by newcomers, Liquid Dezign, I was
sceptical but also curious.  A demo became available so I tried that to see
if this would be a new Pinball Dreams or just another cash-in.  After many
hours of playing this five-minute demo over and over again, I was convinced
that it was neither of these things.  So I played the demo some more, and
more, until eventually the finished product hit the shelves, whereupon I
snapped it up immediately.  Because Slam Tilt isn't a new Pinball Dreams,
no, it's far better than that, hard though that was to believe at the time.

From the very intro sequence, Slam Tilt oozes real quality. The music and
sound effects are spot on, the tables are beautiful, and the ball's
behaviour is as realistic as you could hope for - the reflection in its
chrome surface even changes as it ricochets about the table. The tables
are well thought-out and absolutely packed with features and numerous
sub-games or 'modes' which really use the LED-display panel to full
advantage - that display panel closely resembles those of modern pinball
machines, conveying an amazing amount of animation despite its low
resolution. Even the normal score panel is animated to reflect the theme of
each table. Each table has multiball modes and at least one sub-game which
is played out exclusively in the score-panel - the most impressive being the
amazing mode-7-style 'Formula 1' sub-game in the 'Mean Machines' table.

After you've played it near to death, a few niggles arise. The 'Pirate'
table is a little monotonous, the 'Mean Machines' table allows relatively
easy access to extra-balls so giving almost unlimited play for better
players. So it's not perfect. But it's so close to perfect you really can't
do any better than this. If you haven't got it and you like pinball, take
my advice and get this game now. Money is no object. If you don't believe
me, do what I did: download that demo and have a go. And another go. And
another go. And another go...

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