Skeleton Krew (CD32)

Title		Skeleton Krew (CD32)
Publisher       Core Design Limited
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	CD32
HD Installable  No
Submission	Sean Caszatt

	This Amiga Report review appears here by courtesy of Jason Compton

The year is 2062 and the Deadly Enforcement Aggressive Destruction, Inc.
(DEAD, Inc.) has unleashed some nasty mutants, affectionately known as
Psykogenix, on to the general populace. You've been called upon to direct
the Skeleton Krew, a team of equally mutant-like mercenaries, to defeat
DEAD's evil mutant army.

There are three Krew members to choose from: Rib, Spine and Joint. You may
choose only one. (In the two player game, the other player can choose one
of the remaining two.) Their task is to simply blast the hell out of
everything that gets in the way, while trying to get to the end of each
level. Power-ups and kash (sic) are scattered throughout the game and, of
course, you're to pick up as much of those as possible.

In all honesty, SKELETON KREW is very similar to CHAOS ENGINE. You just
have to shoot your way through the levels, open the gateways and stay
alive. It's got the same "shoot-or-be-shot" attitude about it. However,
it's not equal quality-wise.

The tilted perspective sometimes hinders your progress. It's easy to lose
track of yourself or an enemy if it passes behind a wall or building. The
odd rotating control is hard to get used to. You can rotate left or right
while shooting. Shooting in one direction requires the use of two buttons.
It comes in handy sometimes but, more often than not, you're spinning,
running and shooting simultaneously and not hitting much of anything in the

The music is top-notch. It's a sort of pseudo-industrial/rap blend that's
very interesting to listen to. It fits the mood of the game fairly well.
The sound effects are slightly repetitive, but not bad.

SKELETON KREW is one of those games that I can't stop playing despite the
fact that I know it's flawed. As a result, I hesitantly recommend it to
anyone looking for a little shoot-'em-up action. As far as recommending it
to all gamers though, I'd have to suggest CHAOS ENGINE first.

RATINGS:        WORST <------>  BEST

Playability:    * * * * * * - - - -     6 out of 10
Graphics:       * * * * * * * - - -     7 out of 10
Sound:          * * * * * * * * - -     8 out of 10

Overall:        * * * * * * * - - -     7 out of 10

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