Sim City Classic (1 Mb Version)

Title           Sim City Classic (1 Mb Version)
Game Type       Management Sim
Publisher       Maxis
Players         1
HD Installable  By hand
Compatibility   All Amigas
Submission (Jens Vang Petersen)

Right, if you don't know this, then I suspect I've been on Mars for the
last 10 years. Basicaly you are the mayor of a city, and then you have
to prepare zones for buildings, you must supply power and fire-protection
and when the city grows the industry would like a harbor, the commercial
zones an airport, and some recreation for the residents. If you think
it sounds boring to you, you might be right. It's not a game for the
trigger-happy killer, it's pure strategy. There's no battles, no fast GFX,
no fancy sound. Just a map, some buildings, some disasters and a challange
YOU define. That's right, this is not realy a game you win. You set some
sort of a target, it might be many people, happy people, low crime or a
combination. The challenge is to improve your last result, not like pacman
or a shoot-'em-down game, where you have a direct 'end' of the game. I
know that's the drive for many computer-players, if it is for you, then
don't expect SimCity to be your style. This is dedicated to the real lover
of strategy, and the man who can spend hours wondering how to improve just
that specific part...

 A Terrain Editor
 2 discs with alternate graphics

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