Title           Silkworm
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1
Compatibility   All (I think)
Submission      Perks

As a first time Amiga user who has acquired a 1200, together with various
software, I find the whole "Scene" rather perplexing.
 So you can imagine my joy to unearth Silkworm; a blast from the past!
Now here's something I can feel at ease with (I've been here before). Back
in my youth, the distant 80's, when these games were played on Table-tops,
with a pint of Cider & Orange and a JPS in the corner of your mouth, as
your only allies. Yes this is it fast and furious, with just the one
ending .....    Blown to Buggery !
It's good to feel the adrenaline pulsing through one's body once more, with
nowhere to go, when the Game Over, pops up,  you can't beat a bit of
controlled stress..  is that an Ambulance I hear?
You can keep these new adventure games, save them for the squares, and as
for the 3D stuff, I don't want my dolly-bird-mind blown just yet, thanks
all the same, in my day it was all in the wrist action.
     So what's its all about Perksey, I hear you cry,
Well it's rather like that old classic Scramble, but better, as you can
choose whether you wanna be a chopper or a jeep, ripping across the
screen, or should I say," horizontally scrolling", yeh right, blasting
away, with two angles of firing lines, one stright ahead and the other
downwards. The aim, I think, is to put everything in your path TO
BED, collecting multi-shooters, temporary immunity from enemy flack by
hitting the "life mines" and gathering precious points as you travel,
searching for that next level.

  Any way as I said I'm a new boy, and as yet I haven't managed to break
the hymen of the second level, though I can tell you its been a ball so
far, and as for the choice, me and my chopper will I'm sure, finally
destroy the awesome, end of level guardians and find Nirvana  ....

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