Title		Shanghai
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1 or 2
Company		Activision
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Yes
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   The ancient Chinese game of tiles.

   This is a game where you have a board full of stacked tiles and must
attempt to remove 2 of the same tiles. The tiles must be "free" meaning
that either the left or right side of a tile must not be touching another
tile. When you click the mouse on 2 free identical tiles, they will
dissappear. Clear all the tiles on the board and you will win the game.
The tiles are stacked in a pyramid and removing a top tile will reveal
titles that are beneath it. There are 4 identical tiles for each pattern
and many times 3 of them will be free, you will have to select the correct
2 or you may get stuck because you may leave yourself with no more
matches, if this happens you lose the game.

   The computer randomly generates the stacking of the tiles and the game
will never play the same twice. I sometimes feel that the computer puts me
in an impossible position to win but I can't be sure. There is a menu
option that allows you to backup a move or show you all moves. If you use
the show moves option you will not be allowed to enter your name in the
high score.

   The graphics are basic and sound is non existent but this type of game
doesn't need either one of them, it's all about playability and boy does
this game sure have that. The game is very addictive and will keep you
thinking throughout the whole game. Many times I thought that I had no
more moves only to select the show moves option and having the computer
show me a move that I somehow didn't see. Believe me, this will happen to
you too. Complete the game by getting rid of all the tiles and you will
feel a sense of accomplishment.

   In conclusion, This game is a very good game. I know there are lots of
clones in the Public Domain and many are very good also, but none of them
really add anything new. This is the original! and what all the clones are
trying to be. If you can find this game for a cheap price then buy it. But
if you can't, then check out the Public Domain and get the next best thing
for nothing.

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