The Settlers

Title		The Settlers
Game Type	Management Sim
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

I wouldn't advise trying this game without the manual. The authors have
created an extremely playable and enjoyable game that initially may seem
unnecessarily complex. A little patience however will prove very
rewarding. "The Settlers" puts you in control of a settlement of folk with
all sorts of different skills and talents. There are Butchers, Bakers,
.....sorry, no Candlestick makers, Millers, Blacksmiths, Fishermen,
Armourers, several differnt types of Knights and many more. Each of them
has their own place to live, and if appropriate, to produce merchandise.
You'll not be surprised to hear, that there are other similar settlements,
that like yours, benefit from as much living space as possible. This is
where the Knights come in. By attacking a Knight's hut or castle, you
invoke a ritualised duel between your Knights and the enemy's. You can
control how many, and how skilful your attacking force is, and if
successful, the land gained will become part of your territory, destroying
any enemy buildings in the immediate area. This is great fun, and the
variety of terrain, and requirements of a well balanced settlement allows
for all sorts of tactics and approaches to the game. I haven't even
mentioned the mining which is crucial to success.
The game has been beautifully crafted, and takes account of the hardware
you have available. There is a nice learning curve in the missions as well
as a well designed set of tutorial exercises. It could be argued that the
combat is too ritualised and honourable, not allowing for unfair fights,
that are the key to successful warfare. But (as the cliche goes) this is a
minor niggle, and "The Settlers" is yet another Amiga classic.

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