The Sentinel (Second Review)

Title		The Sentinel (Second Review)
Game Type	3D Combat Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA
Submission	Colin Barden

the Sentinel is a simple game but can become complex as you progress
to later levels. When you first start you are asked to input an eight
digit number. If you are just starting the game you just press enter.
Then you will see a screen with a map of the  landscape you will be
playing in. You will see: Yourself (a synthoid), also the sentinel (or
sentries, that crop up as you progress into later levels). The controls are
by mouse and keyboard, as only a few keys are used this works very well.
You can tilt up and down and pan left to right in a first person
perspective. The basic idea of the game is to get above the sentinel so you
are able to see the square that he is standing on. Once you have achieved
this you, as a synthoid, can absorb him thereby winning the level.
Getting in a position above the Sentinel is the main problem, but you can
absorb trees/boulders and also sentries and then use this energy to create
new boulders, trees and synthoids. For example you can get to higher ground
by first absorbing some trees for energy then create a boulder near a
higher piece of ground, then create another synthoid on top of the
boulder. By putting the cursor on the square which the synthoid is
standing, press the righthand mouse button and you will be transported to
the other synthoid. as this is standing on a boulder you will be able to
see more of the terrain and also more trees etc to absorb. You repeat
this till you are above the sentinel then you absorb him and go to the
next landscape. Easy you think, but just one other thing, the Sentinel is
not motionless while you are trying to absorb him he is turning around all
the time and if you get in his line of sight he will start to absorb
you. You will know when he can see you, as there will be a loud buzzing
sound, and you energy indicator will start to go down. You can either make
another synthoid and transfer to it to get out of the line of sight or
press 'h' (hyperspace) and you will be randomly placed elsewhere on the

All in all this is one game that you can play time and time again, and is
one of those with what i believe has what it takes, and that is gameplay.
Simple, but with as much depth as you want it to have, it has been on most
computer platforms from spectrum to playstation and pc. You can judge for
yourself and if you complete the thousands of landscapes and do not agree,
tell me about it.

P.S. Do not forget to write the landscape number down ar you will be sorry!

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