Scorched Tanks Version 2.0

Title           Scorched Tanks Version 2.0 Worms
Publisher       Shareware Public Domain (individual) T
Game Type       Combat Sim
Players         1-4
HD Installable  Yes
Compatability   min A500+
Submission      Terry Everest   D

	Scorched tanks is arguably the greatest  2D battle  game  ever
created and it contends closely with Worms although it is not as finished
in most areas.
         Starting with its weak points, you have to admit that the
graphics are poor and compare closely to the PC parent game Scorched
Earth. Ever since I illegitamately played Scorched Earth on the RM Nimbus
PC's  at school I was hooked. I fervently wished at that point (when
Amigas were still the best games machines around) that someone could put
it on Amiga. Some  years later I was looking through PD adverts in my
Amiga Fomat and found a game called Scorched Tanks.   I instantly
remembered the PC game and excitedly phoned up the order line. To my
pleasure they assured me it was a near straight conversion of Scorched
Earth written by an American Amiga buff. I believe it cost me 2.50
including postage and packaging which is the bargain of a lifetime.

       First of all there is the options screen and it may not be pretty
but it is impressive. You can have up to four players, human or computer
and the amount of money each has is alterable. The computer skill levels
can be changed, as can their offensive/defensive stance. Even better there
is a large other options page from which you can tailor the game to your
preferences and your machine. In it you can alter the gravity strength,
decide the level of wind or turn it off (default). You can reduce or
increase the size of explosion and also the type of terrain the game is
played on etc. The better machines will get the option of a larger playing
area and therefore better graphics.  Also some "excellent"  music is
promised to those with a normal size Amiga.

       Once you've decided your options the game can begin and you go to
the Weapons Selection screen. Now is when you get all excited and the mind
boggles at the choice. There are a massive 70 weapons available and most
of the tool type weapons are also offensive. Not only are there weapons
though in this game (and I will elaborate on the weapon front later) but
there is also the marvellous invention of Shields. Shields cost money and
come in units of ten for a certain price. There are many types of shield
all of which have interesting and useful properies which determine their
cost. The most basic type is the ABSORB shield it comes in 3 strengths of
which the third is strongest. It works by absorbing most of the damage
into the shield instead of the tank. Imagine that a certain weapon hit is
going to do you 40 damage.  Since your tank has 50 damage you would be
nearly dead without a shield. If you have bought 60 ABSORB 3 then it will
take the lot leaving you with 20 ABSORB 3 .   If you only have 30 ABSORB 3
when you are struck the shield is destroyed and 10 damage goes to your
tank. The weaker shields are less efficient .
        Next there is the REFLECT series of shields which there are 3 of.
They are only damaged when hit indirectly by the blast radius.  If there
is a direct hit the missile reflects off the surface and continues on a
suitable trajectory (missing you). The cheaper reflect shields are more
likely not to work from time to time. Similarly the three MAGNETIC shields
dont take damage easily. Missiles are deflected magnetically without
touching the shield surface. These shields are cool and good. Also there
is a DISPLACER shield which magically moves the shot aimed at it to
another location which is random.  The DETONATOR shield prematurely
explodes missiles in midair but can fail. The EXTERMINATOR shield sucks in
the weapon used and you are then able to use it as yours! Finally the
FEEDBACK shield is the most expensive and reflects the missile straight
back to whoever fired it and that can be lethal.

      There are problems with this game of course like poor graphics and
you have only one tank to control and it costs quite a lot to use the move
tank devices. The game is not as free flowing or lovable as worms but it
has its benefits. Inside the game you get an angle and power meter which
you can alter at your leisure with the mouse or keyboard.  Selecting your
weapons from your inventory is also pretty easy. You will spend hours
perfecting your aim against the computer and proper use of certain weapons
and devices is essential. Soon though you will start to consistently beat
the computer and then you can take on some real opposition.  Playing
against other people is the whole point of games like this and as ever
rivalry runs deep. Make sure you have parachutes and move tanks, know the
best way to attack each shield and be a good shot. Learn all the weapons
quickly so you can buy the best and use them properly.

      This is no doubt a great game which can be played for five minutes
or as many hours. Admittedly there is no ultimate aim but youll be too
busy for that mastering the complexities of a pineapple bomb in strong
winds. If youve got Worms GET THIS NOW because you are likely to play
Worms one day and switch to S T the next. I found the two are
complementary and if anyone wants to write a game incorporating the best
of both you can have my money in advance! If you dont like worms, get
this 'cos its less cute and more brute even if largely basic.
    This is for those who like multiplayer games and simple fun. It is a
fantastic release and you might look out for the latest version 3.0 which
is said to have 100 weapons, more shields and more extras. This version
alone gets 80% especially on an old machine.

...and the score is Worms 15, Scorched Tanks 70 (but I still like Worms as

This review is finished but for the completist I have given an appendix of
some Weapons from Scorched Tanks:

SINGLE SHOT  You have an infinite supply, low damage and size.

BIG SHOT     Cheap powerful and easy to hit with, stock weapons with red

TRIPLE SHOT  Three small blasts, not great.

SKIPPER      These jump across the map and explode each time they land.

DIRTBALL     An expanding ball of dirt covers your target , making them
	     hit themselves possibly.

LASER        You shoot a guide for this orbital laser cannon, quite
             impressive if you hit.

NUKE         Large red ball of almost certain death, and the MEGA NUKE
             well. . .

MOVE TANK    The only way of moving but very valid tactically.

FIRECRACKER  Tiny explosions which ignore shields and are great.

CASCADE      Splits into warheads of different size and colour causing
             massive damage.

PINEAPPLE    Splits when approaching enemy into eight yellow warheads in a
             radial manner.

MINIGUN      Fires a series of shots to exactly the same spot and does big

TIMEWARP     Three successive large pink missiles are fired  a large hole

CRIMSON FLOOD The land flows with molten rock and whole valleys are filled.

GRAB BAG     A random weapon but usually a good one.

DIRT INVERTER Lifts the ground up and allows enemy tank to get buried
              under the inverted soil.

The final weapon fires eight large warheads rather like an AIRSTRIKE from

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