Title		Savage
Publisher       Microplay
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS (AGA patch available)
HD Installable	Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game consists of 3 different games, any of which you can start
from. The 3 games are basically shooting but are all very different.

   The first game is a sideways scrolling platform shoot'em up. You move
your man from left to right shooting the vast amount of creatures that will
attack you. There are guardians at various places throughout the level.
You start out with a basic axe type weapon but can collect a cool
assortment of other more powerful weapons. This game is non-stop action and
has a never ending barrage of creatures attacking you. This game is very
similiar to games like The Plague or Jim Power. This 1st of the 3 games is
excellent and would be worthy on its own but you still get 2 other games
on this disk.

   The second game is an "into-the-screen" scrolling, shoot'em up. The
creatures will come straight into you. This game is very similiar to the
Space Harrier games. The enemies don't shoot at you but you get killed
because they run into you. You can shoot some but others cannot be shot
and must be avoided. Sounds like it would be simple, but it's NOT. The
scrolling is pretty quick and the enemies come at you very fast. This
game, although not as good as the 1st game, is still a fun game.

   The third game is a multi-directional shoot'em up. You are an eagle and
must fly around and shoot the different variety of creatures. You also
have to navigate through some mazelike platforms without hitting any
of the scenery. Hitting the platforms will instantly kill you. This
game also plays very well and I thought it was quite a challange.

   The graphics of all the games are very good but its the sound that
blows you away. The music is just AWESOME! definitely play the sound
through a Hi-Fi stereo. All the games play well and joystick response,
collision detection, and difficulty level are all very good.

   In conclusion, A very nice mix of different shooting games. I liked the
first of the three game the best but they are all good games. You can play
any of the three in any order, WELL DONE microplay! Each of these games
could sell seperately but you get them all on two disks. The music is just
awesome, probably the best that I have heard in any Amiga game yet. I
definitley recommend getting this game, I enjoyed all three games and am
very happy to have this in my software collection. If you can still find a
copy of this game, buy it! You will thank me.

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