Speed Racer FX

Title		Speed Racer FX
Game Type	Driving
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
Available	Aminet game/misc/SpeedRacerFX.lha 308k
Submission	Steven Pearson PG221902@stmail.staffs.ac.uk

A 3D racing game for any Amiga. Stunned? You won't be. This game has no texture
mappping and the only 3D you get is squares coming closer. Maybe I should

SpeedRacerFX sees you hurtling down a tunnel at breakneck speeds dodging
oncoming obstacles. Your aim is to reach the end of the tunnel before your
opponent. Hitting an obstacle slows you down allowing your opponent to overtake

You can play against a computer or a human player. SpeedRacerFX will even
organise a league if you enter more than 2 players. Although only 2 can play at
any one time.

The game plays very quickly and unless you have super-human reactions you'll
spend a lot of time ramming the obstacles. Just slow the game down a notch and
try again, A Fun race is one where both players make few mistakes and are
both constantly struggling for the lead. You get 10 points for First and if you
are very close behind the winner you'll get 5 points other wise Nada, So a close
lose isn't such a blow as a complete hash of a run.

I should imagine that your are imagining a game with far better graphics than
the one I have just described. SpeedRacerFX has very basic graphics. The tunnel
is a square shaped wireframe outline.

The obstacles are flat coloured rectangles that start out in the distance and
move closer.

You and your opponent a flashing coloured squares.

That's why I saved the graphics till last. They're quick, functional and I
wouldn't show this to a PC owning friend who's idea of fun is counting polygon's
per second and buying another 4Gb Hard Drive. This game is fun in that it makes
me dodge in my seat to avoid those rectangles and when my opponent overtakes me
I dodge even harder to win.

This is a game with an instant reward value no complicated puzzles to solve. No
awkward controls to learn, Just a race and a will to win.

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