Super Putty (CD32)

Title		Super Putty (CD32)
Game Type	Platform
Company		System 3
Players		1
Compatibility	CD32
Submission	Dieter Hirsbrunner Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

Super Putty is a platform game with a unique central character. You
control a blue lump of putty (no, really!) as you bounce around
platforms absorbing or punching enemies.  On each level you must absorb
a certain number of confused robots and bring them to safety.  Each level
has a time limit and the levels are broken up into several graphical
styles.  Punching some enemies turns them into screaming babies which can
then be absorbed for points.  Absorbing enemies also keeps your energy
level high.

The main character (Putty) has various abilites. He can walk, jump,
stretch between platforms and absorb various characters. If you flatten
Putty , he cannot be hurt (keep in mind the clock does not stop when you
do this). Putty can even morph into certain other characters in the game,
(but the manual is not entirely clear on this.)

The backgrounds are colorful and there is a lot happening on each screen.
Using the composite output on the CD≥≤ the quality was pretty good. S-VHS
would be better. There  are a lot of original characters such as samurai
spacemen, Mr. Hotdog etc. (check out the psychotic terminator carrots!)

Sound is limited to an introductory tune and some very  nice in-game sound
effects (psychotic carrots screaming "Uzi nine millimeter!", wailing
babies, "Banzai" spacemen etc.).  There is no in-game tune , but I don't
miss one.

This game is not nearly as fast as Zool, but I like it much better. It
holds my interest longer than Zool does; There  is some strategy involved
in saving the robots (In early levels the robots are stationary, in later
levels they may walk off a platform and die.)

I own a disk version of the game and use a suction-cup joystick. I like
the CD≥≤ pad controller better.  This may be due to the joystick I have


I could not put my name on the high-score table, perhaps a keyboard is
needed. there are no level passwords!  The game is fairly short, 4 or 5
worlds with 3 levels each.  A password after each world would have been

Supposedly the CD≥≤ version has more levels but I have not been able to
confirm this (I did not get far enough!)

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