Scary Mutant Space Aliens From Mars

Title		Scary Mutant Space Aliens From Mars
Publisher	Readysoft Inc.
Game Type	Adventure
Players		1
Compatibility 	?

Imagine waking up one morning, and there is a spaceship parked in your
garden. An alien is searhing your fridge, and drops dead upon seeing you.
This could be the opportunity of a lifetime...

If you can find a way to launch the spacecraft, you may explore the solar
system and travel to distant planets. While exploring, you find out that
the Martians are planning to invade earth, so your mission will be to
prevent this. In order to accomplish this task, you will need to bargain
with aliens on Venus, find your way through the maze of Neptune, travel
through energy tubes, all in order to collect the right tools to dismantle
the Ion Beam Doomsday Device pointed at earth.

The commands are entered through a standard text interface, and the parser
is slightly more advanced than two-word commands, but doesn't compare with
the Infocom standard. The game play is accompanied with music which adds
to the atmosphere - at the start that is. I tend to get bored by listening
to the same music over and over again, but luckily you can turn the sound
off. You will from time to time encounter aliens attacking you, and have
to fight the aliens in animated combat sequences.

Playing a text adventure, you don't care for animated combat sequences
(which you always win, anyway). They could be left out of the game. The
graphics are in a cartoonish style, and the game is generally loaded with
humour. You will discover that Jupiter's red spot is in fact nothing else
but a red rug. Upon examining a vacuum cleaner, you will get the following
description: "This is a Dryfon Sukomatic Vacuum cleaner. The Sukomatic is
one of Dryfon's most effective products, no good housewife can live
without one. Unfortunately, the Sukomatic, like most Dryfon products, is
too effective. The first units shipped were sent to what used to be the
tenth planet in the Solar System, but after the Sukomatics were used,....
Well, did you ever hear of a tenth planet?"

This game never was a classic, but is well worth playing if you're
addicted to text adventures.

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