Sensible Golf (Second Review)

Title           Sensible Golf (Second Review)
Publisher       Virgin Interactive (1994)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-4 (up to 72 in tournaments, though not simulataneously)
HD Installable  Use jst: aminet/game/patch/golfhd.lha
Compatibility   All
Demo            Old coverdisk demo, if you can find it
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

You might have been mistaken for thinking that with games on the market
that have flashy 3D views, like Links and Microprose Golf, there was no
excuse for falling back on a simple overhead view for Amiga golf game. But
Sensible Software have always shown a flair for squeezing the most out of
a simple idea, and Sensible Golf turns out to be a fine addition to the
genre. Though it looks suspiciously like nothing more than a slick
shareware effort, you'll find a very well-tuned, instantly playable golf

It plays much like any golf game - time your clicks to set the power of
your shot and determine the accuracy. More powerful clubs and more
difficult lie reduce the size of the accuracy bar. Mistime things and
you'll hook or slice the ball or miss it altogether. There are twenty-five
'different' courses to play on, though you'll quickly realise that they're
made up from the same set of holes (of which there are perhaps 40),
whichever scenery graphics are in use.

With four difficulty levels and a 'Season' mode, it could keep you going a
long time too. The courses are challenging enough - especially when there
are trees around because if you hit one, your ball's instantly 'out of
bounds'. The greens take a bit of getting used to, but aren't difficult or
unfair (though they were the factor in the demo that almost put me off ever
buying it; I'm glad I persevered). To be honest, there's not a lot more to
say about it. It doesn't set out to do anything new; what it does is give
you a quality game of golf which is easy to pick up and a fine one for
playing with your mates.

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