Super Foul Egg

Title            Super Foul Egg
Game Type        Puzzle
Company          Impact Productions (PD)
Players          1 or 2
HD Installable   Yes
Compatibillity   All
Submission       Joachim Froholt Profiled Reviewer

Super Foul Egg is a mix between Tetris and Columns. To be more precise, it
is (playabillity-wise) basically the same as a commercial game called
Minskies *1. If you still have no idea of what kind of game this is, I'll
try to explain how it works:

You are faced with an open area, shaped like a square. For some reason,
pairs of brightly coloured blobs (or foul eggs..) are slowly falling down
from the top of this square. You can control these blobs as they fall down
by steering them from left to right. You can also press the firebutton to
rotate them. Each blob has it's own colour (just how many colours you get
depend on the difficulty settings), and when it lands, it will connect to
any blob of the same colour positioned next to or under it. When four or
more blobs gets connected, they will disappear. Any blobs located above a
blob which disappears will fall down (and in turn, connect to other blobs
of the same colour).

The screen is split into two playing areas. You see, playing solo isn't
really the point of this game. It is when you play against a fellow human
being, or the computer, that the game really shines. When you connect four
blobs, a stone will fall down in your opponents playing area and just sit
there (hopefully it will get in the way and mess up his whole gameplan)
until he can manage to remove it by making a blob next to, over or under
it disappear.

To mix in a bit of strategy, the number of stones you bless your opponent
with varies according to the number of blobs you can connect in one move.
If you play well and think ahead, you can also create huge chain reactions
which in turn create a shower of stones on your opponent's screen. But
remember to be careful: A lot of those moves can destroy a beautiful

The first player who gets his area filled with blobs and stones will lose
the game. Luckily for him, you can select to play several games (best of
three, etc.) so that he'll get a chance to get his revenge.

I've never found Tetris to be as addictive as everyone says it is. Sure,
it beats a game of solitaire, but to play it for hours? No way. So, I was
quite surprised when I found myself totally glued to this game. The reason
is, of course, the two player aspect of Super Foul Egg (I mean both two
human players and one human player versus the computer here). What makes
this game so cool is that if you play well, this will have direct
consequences for your opponent and vice versa. If both of you play well,
games can last for ages and both players will have moments where they are
close to death or victory.

The graphics are stylish and very good looking. The blobs all looks great
in their jelly kind of way, and every type of blob has it's distinct
personality. The music suits the game well, and there are some cool sound
effects like a "yahoo" when you manage to send tons of stones down on your

Super Foul Egg presents plenty of options to suit everyone's needs. You
can choose the amount of different colours for your blobs, you can choose
their falling speed, and you can choose if you want your computer opponent
to be smart or stupid. If you feel like making the game more difficult,
you can add lots of stones in the beginning. Also, you can change the
controls if you want to.

As I've said before, this game is highly playable. You don't need to have
any friends to play with either because the computer opponent is very
smart (or lucky), but of course a game between two people is even more fun
than playing against the computer. All this fun will cost you absolutely
nothing, as Super Foul Egg is available for free. You can probably get it
from a pd collection on the Internet, or your local pd dealer (I got it
from an Amiga Format coverdisk), and it is well worth getting. You'll love

*1 Minskies was created by Binary Emotions and released by Guildhall
Leisure in 1997. Lisa Collins of CU Amiga gave it 88% in their February
1997 issue. The game is, as I said, very similar to SFE, but comes on four
disks which are packed with cute graphics and sounds.

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