Sim City 2000

Title         Sim City 2000
Game Type     Business
Company       Maxis
Players       1
Compatability Must Have AGA, Only runs from HD..
Discs         3
HD-Install    Only Runs From HD
Submission (Jens Vang Petersen)

One of the many legends on the Amiga is SimCity, so to folow up on the
succes, Maxis decided to do an upgraded version of it..
Ok, that proberly sounds good, and the game is very good to play, but in
order to be able to play it, you should have at least 8 Mb of fast-ram, a
030/50 Cpu, Fpu and a HD. The game can run on a 020, but then it's deadslow.
The main difference from the original game is that the updated version tries
to match the action-game, so it uses loads of computer-power to make fancy
3D-graphics and it has music playing too. The samples from ships, choppers
and other events have become very natural and with the 3D view you can turn
the map and look at it from all 4 sides.. Hmm.. But the game itself is
almost gone, I keep finding myself returning to the 'old' SimCity due to
the excellent strategy aspect in it.
The 2000 version holds many of the advantages of the first version, and the
many new options sure makes it a bit more fun to play, well in the start
that is. The only new aspect it gives is that now you have to build
hospitals, schools and prisons, but that only lasts until they are build,
then the game falls back to the problems of the old version. When everything
is built, there's nothing more to do. One of the things that could make 2000
more alive is the several various traffic-systems, but as the trafic is the
same in 1950 and 2250, then the original transport-systems can handle the
need forever...
This game stands a hard competition from it's pre-runner, and I must admit
that I prefer the original version. Not to say that this one is bad, it's
just drowning in fancy graphics and sounds. If all the computer power that's
used for the 3D calculations were used to calculate other aspects of the
city, then this would realy kick ass. As it stands now, it's one of the best
games ever on the Amiga, but it looses to it's own father....

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