Speed Buggy (Third Review)

Title		Speed Buggy (Buggy Boy in the UK) (Third Review)
Game Type	Driving
Publisher	Taito/Elite
Players		1
Compatibility	All Amigas
HD Installable  Available (not Buggy Boy)
Submission	Shane Armstrong

This game is old, one of the very first I played on the Amiga, it is of
course a racing game whereby you drive your little buggy along a variety
of tracks, however this game incorporated a few extra things to make it
just that little bit different. Instead of racing other cars as was the
norm at the time, you raced against the clock while avoiding the many
obstacles that littered your path, these included fences mainly, but also
rock clusters etc. that either slowed your buggy to a stop or crashed it
beyond recognition! You were soon put back on the track though so it never
got too annoying.

Along the way you also had to collect time bonuses so that you had a bit
of extra breathing space, these bonuses were often placed in precarious
positions (e.g. directly in front of a large rock) whereby extra driving
skill was required if you were to get them. Also on the tracks were ramps
that although were great fun to jump off, and were accompanied by a
pleasing ringing noise, also let you reach areas you wouldn't normally be
able to. The games graphics were nothing to shout about at the time, let
alone these days, but were bright and coulourful enough to keep any gamer
happy, the sound was great, although very simple, very catchy tunes and
some quite crazy sound effects!

The game was easy, even by my meagre standards! But I liked that, you
never got stuck on the 3rd or 4th track, it let you get very far into the
game before proving too difficult, and once you have been playing a game
that long its replay value is increased, as even when it gets hard you
want to carry on and see if you can beat it. It helped you with its many
bonuses like extra time and speed-ups, but the tracks were very carefully
constructed to give you a better playing experience.

This game brings back some great memories of when games were fun, it
didn't care what it looked like, it just wanted you to have a good game,
and that you did, Buggy Boy will always be one of my all time favourite
games and I seriously recommend you getting it out, just one more time.

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