Speed Buggy

Title		Speed Buggy
Game Type	Driving
Publisher	Elite/Data East
Players		1
HD Installable  Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   You might remember this classic game from the good old C64 years ago.
The PAL version of this game is known as Buggy Boy.

   The object of the game is to drive along collecting colored flags and
finish the level before time runs out. There are 5 different levels that
you can select from in any order and only the scenery changes between them
all. The game is very simple to play, you use the joystick to move the
buggy left or right and the fire button switches between hi and low gear.
This is one of those games that is very simple but a lot of fun to play.
The graphics and sound are nice but it's the playability that stands out.
This is not an adrenaline pumping racing game but more of a relaxing
experience. The only thing you race against is time. There are some
bonuses thrown in during the game, running over a soccer ball for
instance, will boost your points total. There are also some nice touches
like your buggy flipping onto 2 wheels when you run over a log or steep
roadway and gates to race through earning you extra points or time.

   In conclusion, This game is a classic example of a simple idea being
executed so well that the game just oozes playability. No fancy graphics
or sound, just very playable, and in the end thats what really matters. I
think you will enjoy this game and especially kids will enjoy it. A nice
little game to have in your software collection.

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