Rise of the Robots

Title           Rise of the Robots
Game Type       Beat-em-up
Players         2
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   AGA only
Submission      Isaac Abraham

HEALTH WARNING! BEWARE! DANGER LURKS! Rise Of The Robots may still be doing
the rounds in some shops, so to avoid any unnecessary anguish, be careful.
This game, previewed back when Amiga Force was still doing the rounds, was
supposed to be the next generation in beat `em ups, with special AI,
fantastic graphics, and all round brilliance. Unfortunately for those fools
who rushed out and bought the game, it was rubbish.
Now, those of you who have given this statement a bit of thought will
probably be saying to yourself, "aha, this guy`s doing a review of it, he
must have been one of the fools who bought it! Ha! He called himself a fool!".
Well, I`m happy to disappoint you - thankfully I didn`t waste 40 quid on
this game, nor did I copy it - I have the full CD32 game. You see, a friend
got it as a birthday present, but didn`t even have a CD32, so I got hold of
it, even though at the time I didn`t have a CDROM, I thought it might come
in useful for a laugh if I ever did get one.
And I was right to do that, because it certainly cheered me up when I first
ran it. Plonk it in the CDROM, and marvel at Brian May`s guitar effects.
Then, wow at the very nicely drawn intro sequence. Next, you`re at the
options screen. Choose one or two players, one of five difficulty levels, and
a few miscellaneous options, and you`re away.
The plot is barely worth telling, suffice to say you`re the good guy who has
been sent to kick the stuffing out of the robots-gone-crazy. Your first
opponent is the loader droid, simple stuff - jump kick your way to victory.
Next up, the builder. Again, jump kick to a win. The Crusher is next, and
what do ya know? A jump kick usually does the trick. The penultimate bad `un
is the Military droid, with "advance AI", unfortunately for him not advanced
enough; the up-right joystick movement is enough to dismiss him. And last,
but not least, some big red guy. No prizes for guessing how to beat him.
Admittedly, this is on the first two difficulty levels. At least the other
difficulty setting would be more challenging, you`d think. Unfortunately,
all that`s required is to jump around like someone high on E (not that I
would know...) and inflict the odd kick before jumping away again - the end
result is the same, however, as with the earlier difficulty settings.
In all the time I`ve spent playing beat `em ups, I`ve hardly played games
that come across as poor as this baby. 40 quid it cost in the shops -
when infact they should be paying you to take it off their hands! Yep, ROTR
is complete and utter trash. Even old Ninja Master on the C=64 was better
than this, and all that was, really, was a joystick-waggler. Avoid at all

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