Title		Rodland
Game Type	Platform
Company		The Sales Curve
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All 1 meg machines
Submission	Graham McClelland

	Rodland has a typical platform plot, your mother has been
kidnapped and you have to rescue her. In addition, the style of this game
is similar to most platform game, very cute graphics. However, there is
one major difference between this and most other platform games, its
playability. This is easily the most enjoyable platform game on the Amiga,
if not any format!
	The game is screen based, so to complete a level you have to
destroy all the bad guys (cute rabbits, crying sharks.) on screen. After
you have completed about 10 levels, you have to destroy the end of level
boss. These take the form of giant animals, the first being six crocodiles
and then a giant Whale. To kill the bad guys on each level you trap them
with your wand and then you smack them against the ground. On each level
there are several flowers and if you collect them, all the bad guys turn
into special creatures. When you kill these creatures, they drop a letter
from the word EXTRA. When you have collected every letter, you gain an
extra life.
	This game is a great one player game but where it excels is in two
player. The game is the same as the single player but you have your
friends helping you. Things can get quite heated because it is easy to
kill your friend by mistake.
	Overall, I think this is one of the ‘must have’ Amiga games,
especially if you play many multi player games.

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