Title           Robots
Game Type	Adventure
Author		Torbjrn Andersson (1995), d91tan@Update.UU.SE
Players		1
Compatibility	All (with interpreter)

This is a very simple game based on a game that came free with the unix
operating system, I saw a similar version on the Commodore Pet many
moons ago. It shows how capable the Inform Interactive Fiction Language
is, making it do something it wasn't really designed for, but giving the
program the great advantage of being able to run on any machine. What
you have to do is stop robots killing you by moving in any of 8
directions, they follow you mechanically, so you are trying to get them
to crash into each other and make a junk heap, once you have a junk heap
you can manoeuvre other robots into it, hopefully destroying them all
before they reach you. You can teleport at the last moment, but may
randomly land on a robot anyway and die. Each round sees more robots,
until they finally overcome you, victory is more due to luck than
skill, but the game is surprisingly addictive for simple text graphics.

If you know of any other variants of this game please Email the author,
as he is interested to know how many there are. He is Scandinavian and
very helpful regarding IF related subjects, there seem to be a lot of
them on the internet, probably due to the climate. I only really
included this review because I found some of the quotes in his source
code very amusing:
"ROBOTS":  Another abuse of the Z-machine, Copied Right in 1995-1997
This program is free. By all means, do fold, spindle and mutilate. Be
aware, however, that removing my name from it may cause irreparable
damage to your karma. If you do redistribute it in any form, please drop
me a note. I'd love to hear about it! If you think you can make money
from it, you are more optimistic than I thought.

Game code available from:

This game requires an Inform Interpreter available from:

Workbench 1.3:

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