Robocop 3 (Second Review)

Title		Robocop 3 (Second Review)
Game Type 	3D Action
Company		Digital Image Design and Ocean
Players		1
HD Installable	Yes (With Patch)
Compatibility	All (With Patch)
Submission      Shane Armstrong

It has to be said that the previous two Robocop games for the Amiga
were ........awful. Produced by Ocean, and in those day's 99% of Ocean
games were film license platformers with no imagination or any flair.
They just sold copies on the title of the game, based on whatever
blockbuster movie it was supposed to be representing.

Robocop 3 however was a complete change from this direction, and employed
the talents of Digital Image Design (previously responsible for F-29
Retaliator and Epic, both superb games). This group of programmer's gave us
a film license on the Amiga that no other film license on the system ever
came near to being half as good. Instead of the tired platform game they
came up with a game that included four totally different 3D sections,
Beat-Em-Up, Driving, Flying-Shoot-Em-Up, and by far the most playable and
memorable section, the first person shooter! Yes way before Wolfenstein
and Doom this section is personally one of my favourite gaming "moment's"

The game was based on the movie, and therefore you could play through the
game in a story mode or in an arcade mode where you could pick which of
the four sections you wanted to play. Now you may think reading this so
far that I love this game, and I do, apart from the beat-em-up and flying
sections, which I never really played. I just used to stick the game on
arcade mode and either drive around smashing into felons or played the
excellent first person shooter mode. I don't think the beat-em-up and
jetpack sections were DID's favourite's either and I think they were added
to add a more long term aspect to the game, I say this purely because they
were no where near as playable and well thought out as the other two
sections, which is what I'm going to concentrate on.

The driving section had you roaming around a futuristic Detroit in full 3D
waiting for a radio call to tell you where crimes were being committed,
upon receiving this information you headed in the direction of the crime
via map and radar in the bottom corner of the screen, upon arriving at the
scene you found a criminal's car and had to ram him into submission by
slamming into him until his energy was depleted before yours. This may
sound like Chase HQ, but remember it's in 3D and is a lot more fun.

Ah, now for the best bit, the first person shooter, this had you looking
through Robocop's eyes, complete with animated targeting etc. from the
film, and taking down terrorists without hitting civilians. The
terrorists and civilians are just silhouettes in your view, this must
have been employed to keep the game's speed up, but it still looks ok and
the music is suitably haunting for the paranoid situation of not knowing
who's going to pop up next. This section for it's age was completely
unprecedented in Amiga gaming, and just showed what good programmers could
do if they took their time.

Overall the game was presented in a very filmic fashion, complete with
news bulletins of upcoming situations, and a good adventure in the story
mode. However you will find yourself, like me, playing in arcade mode and
enjoying the driving and superb first person mode over and over again.

So for a different game and a blinding license this is THE game to go for
the multi-talented Commodore Amiga.

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