Robocop 3

Title		Robocop 3
Game Type 	3D Action
Company		Digital Image Design and Ocean
Players		1
HD Installable	Yes (With Patch)
Compatibility	All (With Patch)
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

Robocop is a clever and entertaining film, but for a while it looked like
it would only spawn rubbish. We had the poor movie sequels and also two
abysmal Amiga games by Ocean, based on the films. I'm not sure who at
Ocean was inspired to get DID to create the third game, but it took the
series into a completely different direction. Famed for their 3D
spectaculars Epic and F-29 Retaliator, DID created a 3D engine for
Robocop 3, which pulled the games out of the 2D hole that they occupied.

The game follows the normal film licence, multiple sub-games route, but
this is a case where it has been done properly. The reason for this is
that, while most sub-game style film licences have to have numerous
different mini games written, the different parts of Robocop 3 share a
common 3D engine. This means that the work is not split up between several
incompatible and different parts, and the software team could concentrate
on the one engine and alter it for each level. Essentially, Robocop 3
benefits from the variety of different sections, while having a common
core to each of them.

There are four sub-games styles in the game, all realised in 3D filled-in
vector graphics - a shoot-'em-up section, a driving section, a beat-'em-up
section and a jet-pack flying section.

The shoot-'em-up section works the best and feels quite like a Doom clone,
with Robocop walking round alleyways and corridors, aiming his gun at the
bad guys. The gun is aimed by moving vertical and horizontal bars,
pointing the central crosshair and pressing the mouse button. One shot
will take anyone down, including innocents, so you have to be careful with
your aiming. The characters are mostly seen as silhouettes (presumably to
keep the speed of the game up), but you can identify targets by their
shape. Also, leaving the crosshair on someone will highlight them in
green, allowing you to pick out their shape. You can even shoot between
the legs of innocents and take down a hostile.

The driving section is also quite fun, and involves Robocop driving round
the city, chasing criminals and avoiding other cars. The jet-pack section
is not bad, and includes some shoot-'em-up action in the skies, but the
beat-'em-up section is not very fluid and doesn't feel right.

You can play each of these sections separately in an arcade mode, and if
you are like me, then you will find yourself mostly playing the
shoot-'em-up section. If you want the movie-type experience, you can play
the sections as part of a full story. So, whatever way you want to play
it, forget any bad memories of the first two games and play a good Robocop

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