Robin Hood

Title           Robin Hood
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
Company         Millennium
Compatibility   All?
HD Installable	?
Submission      graeme.r.porter

Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
Riding through the glen. (Except you don't get to ride any horses)
Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
With his band of men. (Who you have to assemble (more on that later))

Feared by the bad, (Not at first - you've got to do lots of running)
Loved by the good, (Yeah right)

Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
Robin Hood.

Now we've done with the song, let's recap.

You play the part of Robin of Loxley (a.k.a. Robin Hood) who lives in his
castle in the middle of Sherwood Forest, in England.

The game begins when you are ousted from your stately home amidst lots of
drinking and merriment by the Sherriff of Nottingham. It is your ultimate
goal to re-take your castle and kill the Sherriff, pausing only briefly to
fall in love with the charming Maid Marion.

Along the way, you must meet, enlist, and even save the lives of your fabled
Merry Men, who will help you out in any way they can.

Armed with your trusty bow and arrow, and a sword, you must do battle with
the Sherriff's guards, and the Sherriff himself.

But it's not as easy as you might think.

The game is based around an isometric map of the terrain surrounding Robin.
You must select the actions of your legendary character using the mouse, and
highlighting the area or person on the display which you wish to perform
that action on (ie click on "Bow and Arrow" icon and click on the person
whom you wish to attack).

The controls, therefore, can be a little unresponsive for most people's
needs, but it's enough to keep you alive (unless you're being stupid).

Robin Hood is an absolutely fantastic game.  The best fun is running up
behind guards at the castle, then shooting them in the back, and running
away again.  Hint: If you're lucky, you can do this to the Sherriff at the
start - just make sure you don't hit Marion...

Graphically, the game is colourful and features a great number of fully
animated characters.

Sound is where the game excells - when you're near a stream, you can hear
the water splashing around.  When you're near some monks, you can hear them
chanting.  When you're near someone chopping wood, you can hear them
chopping. It's also capable of changing volume in relation to distance,
making the game more enjoyable.

Great game, great fun.

Overall Score - 96%

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