Title		Roadkill
Game Type       Driving
Company         Acid Software
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibillity  AGA
Submission      Kristian Hesketh Profiled Reviewer

Roadkill is a one-player racing game viewed from above, on tracks built
hundreds of metres in the air above busy city streets. The emphasis is on
damage although racing skills are just as, if not more, important.

The CD32 version starts with a rather special intro rendered in Imagine.
The screen is quite small, but the colours are vibrant and the action is
nicely directed. All the sleek cars race off into the distance and as the
animation progresses, fewer and fewer vehicles remain on the track. In one
scene an unfortunate driver is decapitated and the final ending is

The actual game arrives with nice menu screens and rendered cars. The
whole thing is very polished and all the cars look cool and expensive.
Selecting a car is greeted with a deep growl, informing you of your choice.

The loading screens between races show the map of the circuit and useful
titbits of information to help you out such as, "Drive really fast and
Kill everyone" or "Kill! Kill! Kill!".

After the intro the actual graphics are disappointing, but still nicely
drawn. Once the evil voiceover has finished patronising you and the
countdown is over the race begins. The fire button accelerates the car and
the handling is nigh on perfect. The programmers obviously spent time on
it and it reaps great rewards for game players. The car skids and twists
around bashing into other cars and the track walls. You must finish in the
top 3 to get to the next race and the higher you finish, the larger your
cash sum between races.

The inertia is also good. If you hit something at high speed you lose
control of your vehicle temporarily and it spins around convincingly. The
computer controlled cars follow the same rules as yours so a well-timed
shove could send them crashing and gyrating into the nearest obstacle.

The tracks are well designed and about the right length. Spikes and
cannons are positioned on the early levels to impede any cars foolish
enough to touch them and later on you face mines and other evil devices.
Rockets, homing missiles, armour refreshers and wads of cash litter the
race tracks waiting to be picked up. There are tricky short-cuts to
master, which are usually much thinner and more dnagerous than the usual
track and the extremely fast pitstop team who will refresh your armour.
Sensible racers will use the pitstop to it's advantadges as the later
tracks will destroy your car without a quick visit. Without a CD32 joypad
the game needs the spacebar to fire the very useful rockets. It is a bit
annoying and fiddly, so get a joypad and enjoy the game more.

The sound in Roadkill is extraordinary. The engine noises are standard,
but every now and again the deep voice will urge you to "Take his life!"
or to "Destroy Him!". Success is always greeted with a stirring rock
sample which really inspires you to victory.

One of the best bits of the game is the Jackpots. Destroy a couple of cars
with missiles for extra cash and the game increases the values of the
cars' destruction. Get another couple quickly and the deep voice of
Roadkill wills you to get the Jackpot. Get another car now and the game
rewards you with a huge amount of cash when you finish. After a few races
and the SuperJackpot is enabled. Destroying one more car after the Jackpot
gives you mountains of wealth.

Roadkill would be brilliant with a 2-player option or null-modem cable
even. Racing computer cars is never as much fun as against a human. Also,
no matter how many cars you destroy there are still about 9 on the
track!?! These are small glitches when the game is so much fun to play. I
rate this as the third best top down racer after Super Skidmarks and
MicroMachines mainly just because of the lack of a 2-player option. It's

N.B. The floppy version has bugged sound on my 060 Amiga, so I just
installed the CD32 version. If the intro is too big for you then just
create your own blank Anim5 animations and replace them. It worked for me.

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