Ruff 'n' Tumble (Second Review)

Title		Ruff 'n' Tumble (Second Review)
Game Type	Platform
Company		Renegade
Players		1
HD Installable	With Patch
Compatibility	ECS and unexpanded AGA (Patch Available)
Submission	Darkseid

	This Amiga Report review appears here by courtesy of Jason Compton

Running on a 2 meg 1.3 500......

Haven't been able to run it on AGA but I don't expect any real differences.

The plot, young Ruff Rogers has lost his marbles down a rabbit hole, he
gets sucked down the rabbit hole by the head bad guy Dr Tinpot.  Tinpot
gives Ruff a gun and challenges him to get his marbles back, he of course
will do everything to stop him mwoooo hahahahahahah *maniacal laughter*

Thus begins the game....  Well its a platformer, yayyyyy whooooooo another
platformer.....   Well hang on a mo, this platformer has guns.....
not just machine guns, but rocket launchers, lasers and joy of

The game follows formula, x levels per themed world with a big nasty at the
end....  Hmmm doesnt look to good now does it...  But wait, does it play
well, YES it does, the graphics are simply gorgeous (even on a 500,
the sound is well, sparse if you turn the music off , and I did cos I'm not
that found of dance/rave music..... sparse but effective, control is
well..... peachy with Ruff throwing his well animated little body around
with fluid ease.  The levels are solidly designed, good layouts with
almost no blind leaps into the unknown (well there are a few but they are
just to get at extra goodies) platforms look solid and inertia and gravity
for all the sprites seems bang on, well bar the piranas, which seem to
swim like greasy (drat...) greased lightning....  annoying.

The enemies are varied enough from world to world, indeed from level to
level, they have different attack patterns, some patrol platforms and when
they 'see' you, run/grab/shoot at you (ho hum sounds samey), but and this
is a big but, they are so well layed out that if you think you can beat
them easily (this game is not rambo or sonic) and go charging in you'll
get you're ass soundly whupped, 3 hit points and 2 lives coupled with a
maniac charge does not make for a long game.....

Pick-ups vary, from power ups for your current gun, to red hearts to
restore a hit point (should you actually lose one), to gold hearts to boost
all youre health back up and give you an extra one to play with (to a limit
of 5).  Bonus points are scattered around in themed graphics, fruit in the
forest world gems in the mines etc etc, then of course there are the
different coloured marbles Red Green and Blue, each level has a set amount
to collect (of each colour) when that limit is reached singulary the
remaining marbles turn to coins (more on that in a mo) when all 3 are
completed the exit opens and you may leave to the next level/world.  Coins
are dotted around the landscape, and are dropped by dead baddies, 100 gives
Ruff an extra life, mega coins with a colour in the centre clear your
marble count, so picking one up is a good way of either getting off the
level quick or getting loads of coins.

Extra lives can be picked up, switches tripped, bombs set of, forcefields
turned off and on with keys.  It boils down to one excellent game with only
a few minor niggles.  In world 2 I keep hitting a bug when I jump out of
water and a fish hits me Ruffs sprite hang so I can fire but I cant move or
turn...  ngghhhhh It always happens when I'M DOING REALLY WELL TOO!!!
mutter mutter.... also some parts of the levels are near impossible to get
through without losing a lot of hit points, very annoying.

Well, all I can do now is reccomend the game, I don't particulary like
platformers but this one has caught my attention, even if I cant get off
level 2 due to a silly bug (or is it just me).  Well designed, well
executed, hard to fault, play it, I think you'll like it......

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