Title           Risk - the World Conquest Game
Publisher       Leisure Genius/Virgin (1989)
                ['Board Genius' Compilation, Beau Jolly (1991)]
Game Type       Strategy (Board Game)
Players         1-6
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   68000 only?
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

Risk is the computer version of the strategy board game of the same name -
you build armies and move them about the world map, conquering your
opponents territory by territory, using skill and a little luck to
eliminate all of your opponents and thereby win the game.

The computer version looks after all the nitty-gritty of the board game,
provides respectable computer opposition and creates a suitable neutral
force under the special rules for two-player games. It is, however,
almost impossible to run the game on a modern Amiga; searching for 'risk'
on the aminet will turn up a number of more compatible Risk clones...

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