Rick Dangerous 2

Title           Rick Dangerous 2
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
Company         Core Design
Compatability   All
HD Installable	Yes (with Aminet Patch)
Submission      Chris Burns

Rick Dangerous is back! And this time he's a Super Hero!! On returning to
London after another amazing adventure, Rick is shocked to find the sky
filled with alien spacecraft.. As he stares at the sky in wonder, one of
them has the nerve to shoot his hat off with a laser bolt!  That settles
it! Rick strides off to Hyde Park, where the alien spacecraft has landed,
in order to extract the price of a new hat from the unwelcome visitors,
and of course to give them a good old British style, six of the best

Rick (this time donned in superhero's tights and cape, rather than the
Indiana Jones type getup of the first game) is equipped with a limited
shot laser gun and a limited supply of bombs, which he can slide along the
ground or simply drop (although you'd better cut along quickly if you just
drop them, to avoid being blown up! :-).  Any perambulating aliens can be
swiftly dispatched with a shot from the laser gun whilst the bombs are
more useful, in fact only useful really, for destroying the traps that the
aliens have thoughtfully left scattered around the ship. The aliens
aren't from the tidiest race of creatures either, as there are spare laser
gun ammo and bombs littered everywhere for Rick to pick up. The game
itself is simple enough in theory (although trickier in practice! :-), you
just walk or crawl (useful for dodging laser fire!) up and down the
platforms to find the exit. Sometimes you'll need to fire at a switch to
open new parts of the level, but that's about it as far as actually
*thinking* goes :-)

You can play the 5 levels in any order you like, through a menu system,
and these are The Hyde Park spaceship, The Ice Planet of Freezia, The
Jungle, The Atomic Mud Mines and of course you must face Rick's nemesis,
the Uber-villain er, Fat Guy.

Graphically, the game retains the 'cartoony' feel of the first game and
the in-game sound is good and clear, while the theme music has a suitably
'superhero-ish' vibe. However, it also suffers from the same sort of
problems as the first game, the most obvious one being 'instant death',
where an ordinary looking bit of scenery suddenly turns out to be a laser
or a trap! Once again, the levels are reduced to a bit of a memory game as
you try to remember which bits will kill you and which won't. Once you've
been killed by a trap though, you know how to 'do that bit', so it's
difficult to resist having one more go, just to get a 'bit further'.

To sum up, Rick Dangerous 2 is a glorious and fun romp and although a bit
tougher than the first, it'll please most people who liked that one.  I'm
not sure that there'll be any converts though as the two games are very
similar in feel and look.

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