Rick Dangerous

Title           Rick Dangerous
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
Company         Core Design
Compability     All
HD Installable	Yes (with Aminet Patch)
Submission      Seppo Typpö (groucho@pp.inet.fi) Profiled Reviewer

Indiana Jones movies inspired game makers all over the world to create
various games loosely connected to the famous character and his
adventures. Some games (like the officially licensed Indy games) tried
very scrupulously to duplicate the original characters and plot while
other games just took the very basic elements from the movies and turned
them into enjoyable and entertaining game classics.

Rick Dangerous falls into latter category. Player controls an Indy-like
character through flip-screen 2D mazes filled with traps, treasures and
nasty inhabitants. The fiendishly designed levels require not only
dexterity with the joystick but also provide lots of work for the "old
grey matter" as the player needs to think his way around the puzzles,
villains and traps of the level.

Each level has "safe spots" which divide it into sort of "set pieces".
Each set piece is a sequence of actions which need to be executed
perfectly in order to avoid sudden deaths. This is not easy and needs lots
of practice, which can lead to serious frustation as you play the same
sequence through for the umphteenth time and manage to kill Rick just
before he reaches the next "safe point".

Despite the high difficulty level Rick Dangerous manages to be dangerously
addictive. The pixel perfect controls allow very precise movement of Rick
which means the only reason for failure is the poor performance of the
player himself and by no means fault of the game itself. It is very easy
to fall into the "I'll have just one more go" loop and happily spend
a considerable amount of hours with this game without even noticing it.

Rick Dangerous combines a tried and tested game formula with excellent
level design and slick game controls. It has oodles of detail and humour
and a charismatic main character. Its gameplay is simple to learn yet
difficult to master. A true Amiga classic in its purest form.

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