Title		Renegade
Game Type	Beat-em-up
Publisher	Taito
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS (AGA patch available)
HD Installable	Patch Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is a fighting game where you control a character who is
attacked from all sides by other men. I must say right off the bat that
this game is very poor. You only have 3 moves to attack the enemy with and
there are no other weapons of any kind to collect. Once you kill all the
men you will then face their leader. This enemy can only be killed with
with 2 out of your 3 moves. Why? I have no idea and really don't care.
After each level you go to a bonus level where you have to kick people off
motorcycles as they drive past you. Even this part is very poor.

   The graphics are horrendous. They look like public domain and not a
good public domain game at that. Believe it or not the sound is even
worse. The game plays like garbage, it moves too slow, the collision
detection is off, you only have 3 moves to use against the enemy, and the
graphics and sounds are just about the worst that you will see in an Amiga
game. I know the game is old but even back years ago I'm sure this game
still sucked.

   In conclusion, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. You will not be very happy spending
any amount of money on this game. It's one of the worst games that I have
had the misfortune to play on the Amiga. Heed my warning or you will be

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