Roadwar 2000

Title           Roadwar 2000
Game Type	Strategy
Publisher 	Westwood / SSI
Players		1
Compatibility	?
HD Installable  Yes
Submission	Ivan Pongrac

 Roadwar 2000 is a post-nuclear strategy game taking place in the "last
days" of mankind.

 All of a sudden, a fatal epidemic emerged throughout all of the U.S.A.
caused by a very aggressive bacterium cultivated and spread by some occult
and fanatic sect. The epidemic spread over the land in only several
months, causing the government to collapse. Anarchy is now everywhere. In
the streets the mob is plundering, and the hospitals are full of people
dying and suffering. The "enemy" took advantage of this situation and
nuclear bombs struck all major cities; the government was already unable
to retaliate. The aftermath was severe radiation, causing the bacterium
to mutate, also humans, who became infected, turned into very aggressive,
very dangereous mutants, roving the cities and the countryside.

 But there is hope. There are still several scientists living in the
underground who are working to find a vaccine against the bacterium. And
rumours have it that they are very close to success. Infact, there are
eight scientists altogether, who, if working as a team could find the
vaccine, but they are scattered throughout the land. Your ultimate goal
therefore is to find all eight scientists and let them discover together a
vaccine, thus maybe saving mankind.

 As far as I remember, you start in a city as a survivor of the nuclear
explosion and you are not infected by the bacterium ... yet.

 You are a leader of a street gang and your immediate objective is to
acquire as much food and fuel as possible to strengthen your position as a
leader of the city. But you and your warriors are not alone; there are
other gangs in the city, and they need food and fuel, too. And they want
your food and fuel. You must fight against them to defend
yourself and to win new loot.

 After you recruit several people, there will come a point where another
gang will threaten you. The main battlefield is the street: As the fight
begins, you have several vehicles like cars, busses, motorbikes at your
disposal and can direct them over the battlefield to destroy your enemies.
Every vehicle has a fixed number of turns to drive, depending on its
damage status. In every vehicle are one or several people shooting out of
it, trying to destroy or capture the vehicles of your enemy. There are
several terrain types like plains, farmland, woods, roads, and cities.
Most battles will take place in cities, as it is here you can find most
food and fuel.

 There are also several different kinds of people you can recruit to fight
on your side: Specialists, who drive or fight very well, healers, who can
fix up your men and hold down the casualties, politicians and bureaucrats
with which you can recruit the best fighters etc.

 The tactical battle scenario is viewed from above; you can see the
terrain type and all the vehicles involved in the battle, scrolling the
large map in all four directions. The game is turn-based, so each turn,
you can choose what to do with your vehicles; for instance, you can
accelerate, brake, turn, capture other vehicles, board other vehicles, ram
them, while you shoot at the tyres or at the occupants of the car

 Because Roadwar 2000 is turn-based  you have enough time to think through
how you wish to handle a situation. There are a lot of options from which
you can choose. After the fight, you can recover and/or repair your
damaged vehicles, and recruit more people (this depends how successful you
are) etc.

 As you rise in power as a gang leader, you will be able to totally
control several cities. Remember though, your ultimate goal is to find and
bring together the eight scientists; only with them can you have a future
and survive.

 For me, Roadwar 2000 is a strategy game I never will forget. Unlike other
typical strategy games, you don't have to read a big manual to be capable
of playing this game. The game has great depth, and I liked the atmosphere:
If you know and like the "Mad Max" movies, then Roadwar 2000 is definitely
something for you.

 There was also a successor called Roadwar Europe, taking place in, well,
Europe :). I've never seen it, but I think there were no major changes to
Roadwar 2000 except for the map.

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