Title		R-type
Publisher       Rainbow Arts
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	ECS
HD Installable	Patch Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is the classic horizontal shooter. This game was considered
by many to be one of the best Amiga shoot'em ups when it was first
released, and although the game seems dated now it is still fun to play.

   You control a spaceship and are originally armed with basic bullets,
but can soon powerup your firepower by collecting powerup icons. You also
always have a special weapon that can be activated by holding down the
firebutton for a few seconds. Pressing the spacebar gives you yet another
variation of a special weapon where the front of your ship will shoot off
destroying any enemies it touches.

   The enemies come at you in set patterns, but don't think it will be
easy to shoot them all because there are MANY of them. Some take more
bullets than others before they are killed, so try to keep the best powerup
weapon you can find. There are also bosses that have to be disposed of
before you are able to go to the next level. The bosses sometimes have to
be shot in a specific area on them before they die, and will have to be
shot many times. The enemies vary nicely in both size and firepower so you
never feel like you are always fighting the same enemy.

   The graphics in the game are average although the enemies and
backrounds vary nicely. The sound in the game is also decent. Playability
is what this game is all about and the game passes with high marks in this
category. The game plays very well, about the only thing I can nitpick
about this game is that the collision detection is slightly off. The game
plays fair meaning that when you die it is your own fault. The difficulty
level is just about perfect, the more you play the game the more you will
succeed and the more levels you will get to see.

   In conclusion, this game is a very good shooting game, not the best I
 have ever seen, but a good blast nonetheless. Any fan of shoot'em ups
should like this game. The game can now be downloaded free from factor 5
website and I suggest you do this at once.

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