Railroad Tycoon

Title           Railroad Tycoon
Game Type       Management Sim
Publisher       Microprose
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes, game MUST be in root of your HD
Compatibility   All
Submission      top_cat@post8.tele.dk (Jens Vang Petersen)

There were two main reasons for me skipping the C64 and getting an Amiga,
one was SimCity the other was this game. Railroad Tycoon is designed by a
legend in strategy games, Sid Mayer, he is also the man behind 'Pirates',
'Civilization' and 'Colonisation' just to name a few classics..
The basic idea on this is to build railways, but it's not quite so simple
when it comes down to it. Just when you've got started, 3 other companies
show up and begin to lay their rails across the map. Time for battle, but
not with guns, you have to fight on service. The better service you
provide, the more passengers and cargo you get. To improve service you can
buy faster trains or expand your stations. You can buy more trains, but to
avoid traffic jams you then have to build even more tracks..
This game carries the trade-mark of ANY good strategy-game, that you can
set your own goals. You might want to be the company with most rails, or
the one with most money, or maybe just most passengers, that's up to you.
Oh yes, as a little cutie, you can actualy BUY the competetive companies,
and gain further profit that way..
Even now, after almost 10 years, it stills stands as one of the best games
of the type. The only annoying thing is a few bugs, when you get too good
at it, the game sometimes crashes.. The thing that realy keeps this game
alive is a time-limit, you can only lead your company for 100 years, so
the game won't get boring like Simcity, where you sometimes just sit and
watch the money roll in..

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