Red Baron

Title           Red Baron
Game Type       Flight Sim
Players         1
Compatibility   All
Company         Dynamix
Submission      Jim Ford

         WWI aircraft (German or British)
         At times it can be intense.
         Fantastic manual and game maps!

         28 aircraft to chose from
         Analog joystick support. (I've seen better)
         32 color .. so they say..
         Mission recorder records an entire mission to disk.
         All around views.

 This is a, "love/hate" thing.

 I really don't know what to tell ya about this game. ...Yes. I said

 It doesn't quite qualify as a flight sim as far as flight modeling goes.
Although it does seem to come close.'s hard to tell. ...

 The grfx are jerky on my A3000/030@25mhz so I can't really tell if the
flight modeling is correct or not.?.. Even if I turn the grfx details down
to zero, the frame rate is still jerky and erratic, making it difficult to
line-up on a target. If you have four or five targets in the air at the
same time all I can say is, "Good Luck". '8-/

 I actually found this game easier to "fly" using my mouse (Yuck!) rather
than using a joystick, .. only grabbing the digital joystick if I needed
to make some quick and drastic maneuvers.

 Trying to use an analog joystick with this Red Baron `thing' was a
nightmare. (your mileage may vary)

 Graphics? Yes! It has graphics. Rather good graphics, actually. They
claim to be 32 color, but I've seen better with only 16 color. '8-/

NOTE: (Another)
The game does not like my grfx card (PicassoIV) so I had to disable it
before playing.

 This game also offers good sound features. The 3D sound is well done and
adds much to the excitement. (it sure needs `something' to help it out)

 You want Options!?! You got it! This game gives you so many Options to
set that you just may spend half the day setting Options for each
different aircraft you fly. All options are set with a "slider" that range
from 0 to 100%. (That's a LOT of settings to mess with)

The top 3 are:
 1) Aircraft detail.. 0 to 100%
 2) World detail.. 0 to 100%
 3) Graphics speed.. 0 to 100% ..set to high and the game becomes impossible.
The others are just "On/Off" switches, but still add to the difficulty
of trying to get this game to fly smoothly.
It's a trial and error thing. Try it, don't like it, try it again .. etc..
If you like this kind of thing then this game is for you.
If not, then just let the program pick a setting for you and try to do
your best.

               The game is fun.

I played (was hooked on) the game every day for a week, trying
different settings and different tactics.

It has a good "replayability" factor. (I want to play it again)

The manual is excellent with many historical facts and grfx.

Although,.. I was a bit disappointed when I was challenged to a dogfight
with the Red Baron himself while playing a full war campaign. (It was
supposed to be a one-on-one, but he brought along two friends that tried
there best to blast me from the sky before I could get in a shot.

Also.. after I shot down the Baron (yes.. I'm that good)
and landed safe at home I was only awarded a few points to my score.
...And then I learned months later on in the game that the Red Baron has
just been shot down... I guess the game didn't like the idea of it's name
sake being killed before his time.?.)

 In conclusion I can honestly say, where the flight modeling falls down
the sound and grfx make up for it. Making this a fun and involving game.

 Knowing what I know now about the game, I would buy it again.

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