RBI 2 Baseball

Title           RBI 2 Baseball
Publisher       Domark
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or 2
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   ECS
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   Sometimes a game is so poor you have to wonder how it ever could have
been released. This is one of those games. RBI 2 baseball tries to simulate
the game of baseball but it's obvious to me that the programmers never
played the game. There are so many things wrong with this game that I
don't know where to start.

   I am going to assume that you know the basic idea of how to play
baseball so I won't go into the rules of the game too much. In a nutshell
this is a basic explanation of how to play. There are two teams, one
plays the field (defense) and one is at bat (offence). The offensive team
tries to score runs by hitting the baseball without having the defense
throw them out. When three outs are made, the teams will switch offense
and defence. The team with more runs after nine innings is the winner.
There are nine players on each team and each one plays their specific

   In this game if you are on defense, you play the part of the pitcher
and then the person closest to the ball. Every fielder should be able to
run after and catch the ball. But not in this game. The 3rd baseman and
1st baseman can't run after and catch the ball. They just stay in one spot
even if the ball is hit at them. How could the programmers not have
realised this? Simple, They know NOTHING about the game! When pitching,
you can always throw a strike or a ball if you want. Not realistic. When
up at bat, its almost impossible to hit the ball because it comes in too
fast and you can't tell weather its going to be a strike or a ball.
Horrible programming. Now on to the graphics. HORRIBLE! what the hell were
Domark thinking? The Sound is also terrible. The only half decent thing in
the game is the animated scoreboard, Big deal!

   The game is controlled with the joystick and you can play either 1 or 2
players. Some features of the game of baseball were attempted to be
implemented into this game. But SOME is the key word, Why not ALL or MOST?
and what was implemented is TERRIBLE. I am in disbelief over how poorly
the game actually plays. You try to play for about 5 minutes and then you
want to throw the  game disk into a wall.

   In conclusion, It's no secret that I hate this game. It's one of the
worst games that I have ever played on the Amiga. To make matters worse, I
have actually read reviews in European magazines giving this game a good
review. Please stick to soccer and don't ever try to review a mainly
American Sport game without some basic game knowledge. The Graphics SUCK,
The Sounds SUCK, the playability REALLY SUCKS, this game SUCKS. Listen
Domark, don't insult my intelligence with crap like this, I know you can
do better. I actually had to try to play this game again to reconfirm my
feelings on it, and I'm sorry to say I was reconfirmed in about 30 seconds.
I then proceeded to remove the disk and mail it to my worst enemy, but
then I thought even they don't deserve this. AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS.
TRUST ME! PLEASE, TRUST ME! If you want to play baseball on the Amiga get
the game TV SPORTS BASEBALL. It's a million times better then this piece
of crap.

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