Resolution 101

Title		Resolution 101
Game Type	3D Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Richard Byrne

Near future New York city, and  you are a criminal - to be granted your
freedom by helping to eliminate other criminals from the streets.

 In order to do this you must take to the streets in your hover-car and
use your radar to track down and destroy the hover-car of a certain
individual (If they show on radars, why don't the police arrest them,
huh?). Destroy your oponent, receive rewards, tackle more difficult
opponents. Not complicated.

 The game is mouse driven and viewed 'through the windscreen', the
textureless 3d is very smooth,  the music is awful. Although at first the
game is quite amusing it soon wears thin and rewardless, even if it does
have a charming PD quality to it, it'll soon start to gather dust at the
back of a box. I'd forgotten about it completely untill I read the AGDB
wanted reviews list.

 Curiously, it works properly with my 040/PPC board.

 In short - twenty minutes of interest, quite pretty, very smooth, and well
programmed. Not hatefull, just dull.

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