Quake II

Title           Quake II
Game Type	3D Action
Players		1 (or Link-up)
Compatibility	PPC Amigas with graphics cards, 68k version available for
                                         registered owners of PPC version
Company		iD Software/Hyperion
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Seppo Typpö (groucho@pp.inet.fi) Profiled Reviewer

Almost exactly one year ago, the PC game company iD Software released the
source code of its mega hit, Quake 2. The programmers of a well known
Amiga game company, Hyperion, who were very familiar with the Quake 2
engine code thanks to their previous game conversions like the Amiga
version of Heretic II, decided to take up the challenge and convert the
game to current PowerPC equipped Amigas. By the end of the year 2002 the
fruits of their labour finally saw light, and the Amiga version was
released to the public.

For the uninitiated, Quake II is a so called first person shooter (FPS for
short) which means the player guides the main character through the levels
while seeing everything through the character's eyes. There have been lots
of FPS games ever since Doom started the rage in the PC game world, and
the Amiga has had its fair share of the genre with quality titles like
"Alien Breed 3D" and its sequel), "Breathless", "Nemac IV" and "Genetic

Quake II is shipped in a DVD case which not only contains the Amiga
executable but also the PC datafiles which are needed to play the game. It
also contains some Quake II mods (user modified Quake II add-ons)  which
were also converted to the Amiga platform by Hyperion. More mods can be
obtained from the web (there is a site at
"http://www.knight-industries.de/q2/" which contains all the Amiga
compatible mods). To top things off Hyperion also offer a 68k version of
the executable on their website for those who want to play this version on
their 68k Amigas or emulators like Amithlon (one needs to buy and register
the Amiga Quake 2 in order to obtain it).

As a game, Quake 2 offers plenty of action spiced up with some simple
puzzles. The player assumes the role of a single soldier, who has to
battle through several levels (even some secret ones) and beat the final
boss at the very end. There's a very simple story which is used as a basis
for the missions the player has to complete - this story is unravelled in
animations which are generously littered between the levels. The gameplay
is very linear - there's a strict set of goals which have to be met - this
usually means killing pretty much everything the player meets in the game
and pushing every button he (or she) can reach, with little room for
improvisation. As far as gameplay goes it really does not get much
simplier than this - its standard 'kill or be killed and find the exit'
stuff all over again.

The Quake 2 3D engine has been the basis for many other FPS games and at
the time it was released, it was state-of-the-art stuff. Time has passed
and the later, more advanced 3D engines have put Q2 into the shade but it
still manages to impress (especially those who have not bought into the
latest technology). If your Amiga is equipped with 3D acceleration
(preferably BVision, CVision or Voodoo cards) you're in for a treat.
Thanks to the hard work put in coding and the scrupulous application of
optimisations, Hyperion have produced their slickest 3D game yet - Quake 2
runs fast even on moderate PPC systems and with 3D card the fabulous
lighting effects and ultra-hires visuals look simply gorgeous.

The sound department is well handled too. There's a wide array of quality
sound effects which build up the atmosphere no end (just check those
haunting jail levels). There are some sound problems (stuttering) when
video flicks are played but this seems to be a BPPC specific thing -
fortunately during the actual game all the sounds play fine.

The game is controlled with mouse, keyboard, joystick or even PSX gamepad.
Mouse and keyboard combo can be recommended, since some nifty targetting
is needed and only the mouse offers enough precision for those tricky long
range snapshots. Thanks to a good framerate controlling the game is a
breeze - some pretty spectacular combat moves can be executed if the
player is competent enough.

There are very few things in this conversion which can be criticised - the
aforementioned sound problems during video replay on BPPC systems is the
only real visible (audible) one. The main criticism is aimed towards the
simple gameplay - while it has been pretty well hidden with clever
graphics and mission structures, there's very little new here that wasn't
in Quake (or even Doom). Still, the gameplay is highly addictive and
offers an adrenalin rush for those looking for some pure hardcore action.

For Amiga gamers with good enough equipment this game is a must - it is a
showpiece of what can be squeezed out from current (moderately humble) PPC
Amigas and despite its age offers many nights of single player (and of
course multi player) fun.

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